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Stories from My Backyard: On the Trail of a Cat

  I confess my cat Kili is quite fascinating. I find myself just staring at him in awe. He is so perfect. (I mean that unironically). Accepting his many scars, he is perfect. His little nose is adorable and the way that he yawns makes me laugh. It goes from a cute little ‘o’ shape to a gaping lion’s mouth in seconds. This evening, I took the liberty to follow him on his nightly prowl. My sister and I stand in the grass and watch as he cautiously crosses the street. Soon, he is in the neighbor’s bushes. We watch as he continues on his journey, traveling through a large field. He stops every so often to *cough* mark his territory, and then the prowl resumes. We follow him until he notices us. He blinks, annoyingly unconcerned, and saunters off. Kili creeps around the side of an old shed and walks behind it. He makes his way into an open part of the grass and sits down to groom himself. Kili leaps in the air as a nearby generator turns on. He walks hurriedly off, glancing over his shoulde

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